Artist's Bio 
Mary Olson n lives minutes from the Buffalo River at Erbie. She is constantly amazed and inspired by its both subtle and outrageous beauty. Self-taught aspiring mosiac artist I work with glass, tile, cement and ''found " stuff. My studio is part 1930's ozark architecture and part straw bale so if you want info on stucco and straw bale come on down. I will probably be working on a mosiac or a colorful recycled bottle wall over the weekend so feel free to bring any bottles or broken dishes, pottery, or cool rusty stuff with you when you come see me. Thanks for checking me out 
Sample Work:
Mary Olson

Ceramics, Mosaics, Jewelry, Furniture Making




From Jasper, take Highway 7 north to Erbie Road (Old Dogpatch Post Office)(watch for signs), from Harrison, Highway 7 south to 206 west (right) to Erbie Cutoff Road, follow the signs. 
"Loretta Lynn Owens makes paintings and assemblages. She uses new materials where they are required but enjoys experimenting with recycling non-traditional art supplies to reduce waste and cut expense. The challenge of working within restricted means and with unusual materials can drive the work into unexpected directions, which is a fun and fulfilling process."