Susan McSherry, OMA Mixed Media Artist

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ozark Mountain Artists Tour:

1. Does the tour cost anything?
No. This is a free, self-guided tour and the only cost is your travel cost. We have organized the destinations on a map so you can group your visits and minimize unnecessary driving.

2. How are the tour stops marked?
We will have special logo signs on the major roads nearest each of the destinations. Look for these signs and follow additional signs to get to each destination. We will have the routes well marked.

3. Who paid for this tour?
Each artist has contributed to the tour, but the majority of support has come from our sponsors. We ask that you recognize their contribution with your business.

4. Where can I pickup information like maps to the destinations?
We will have maps at strategic locations across the county. At this time we plan to have maps at the Lost Valley Canoe Store in Ponca, The Cliff House Inn, and other locations to be announced.

5. Do we have to visit all the tour stops, or in an particular order?
No. This tour is completely self-directed. While we would hope you would find most destinations of interest, realistically not every visitor will likely visit every artist. Who you visit, and when, is only limited by the days and hours of the tour.

6. Do you plan to have another Ozark Mountain Artists Tour in the future?
Yes. We have designated the third weekend of September as our official annual tour weekend. In 2016, that will be third weekend of September 19-21. Check back for details.

7. What is the best way to keep up to date on the Ozark Mountain Artists?
Our website will be kept up year round. We are asking member artists to submit current work that we will in turn feature on the site.

8. What about the long term, what is your vision for Newton County arts?
We believe the strong artistic community in Newton County is largely unknown. The response to last year's tour was very good and we hope to build on that. If we broaden our base, and if there seems to be interest, it is possible that in the future we might do a spring tour in addition to our current fall tour. The best way to track what we are up to is visit our website.
Frequently Asked

Ninth Annual
September 18-20, 2015
Newton County, Arkansas